ISS Impact



Thank you for inquiring about ISS Impact.  I founded ISS Impact in 1989 with a partner to develop customized software solutions for business.  While working full-time jobs, we developed applications at night and on weekends.  We developed a golf course management application for a local private golf club.  This first application handled point-of-sale, inventory and membership information.  It also provided necessary and previously difficult to produce membership reports.  This progressive application was written in the early days of networking and tied together computers, receipt printers and cash drawers – not a typical setup for 1989.  Our contribution to their management scheme was elemental in streamlining their business.  They could now capture all of the necessary data to run their club in no more time than it took to ring up a receipt.


 I assumed full control of the company in 1991 and, in 1996, made it my full time profession.  I have been assisting companies throughout the United States and Europe for these past 15 years.  My experience has been in a broad range of businesses and business functions.  Local clients have included Industrial Nut Corporation, Mack Iron, KelKo Products, and The Chef’s Garden.  Other clients have included Meritor, Hexagon Metrology, Visteon, Janesville Acoustics, Pulte Home Corporation, Pepperidge Farm and Dominos Pizza.


 Having both business and computer knowledge allows me to quickly develop custom business solutions that will make your company more efficient.  The applications that I have written have varied in size from those satisfying a very specific business need to entire systems running every aspect of a company.  I typically work with Microsoft products (Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, .Net, SQL Server) to complete these assignments.


Through strategic partnerships, ISS Impact is able to provide comprehensive technology solutions for your company.  Additional services include software integration, web hosting and development, network server support and consulting.

 I would be pleased to discuss business solutions with you.

Ken Mastropaolo